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United States Elongated Coin Album

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For customized pennies, a proof will be sent via email prior to making the penny.

Our custom pennies are our most popular product! If you need something not shown, or a custom amount, contact us via our special request tab below or on our contact page.


The United States Elongated Coin Album is made of blue vinyl with a picture of the Bald Eagle and The United States Flag on the front. Included with this pressed penny album is an encased American flag smashed penny. The United States elongated coin album, opens up with three flaps.

The book holds 36 pressed pennies, as well as space for 8 pressed quarters or nickels. This souvenir book is a great way to store and display your smashed pennies! The United States elongated coin album are a favorite among Elongated Coin Collectors. Need somewhere to keep all those shiny pennies you have acquired through your travels? The Blank Pressed Penny Souvenir Book will provide a sturdy home for 44 elongated coins. 

Why collect souvenir pressed pennies from your travels?

  • They are an inexpensive souvenir.
  • They are small so they don’t weigh you down during your outing or once you get it home.
  • They are collectible.
  • You don’t feel like you have wasted money on infinite other options for souvenirs that will ultimately lose their appeal.

*pressed penny not included. 

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