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It's Corn Collection

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For customized pennies, a proof will be sent via email prior to making the penny.

Our custom pennies are our most popular product! If you need something not shown, or a custom amount, contact us via our special request tab below or on our contact page.


Sarcastic It’s Corn Viral Social Media Video Pressed Penny, Corn Boy Funny Meme, I Love Corn, A Big Lump With Knobs It Has The Juice!

Penny 1: It's Corn!!! I can tell you all about it! I mean look at this thing!

Penny 2: It's Corn!!! A big lump with knobs It has the juice! I can't imagine a more beautiful thing!

Penny 3: But when I tried it with butter everything changed! The best thing about corn is the grease!  

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